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Property Exclusivity

Posted by Imobiliária Santo António on 3 de August, 2020

Exclusivity means that the real estate agency with which you sign the contract is the only one who is responsible for the mediation process of the property. And while you may think wrongly that this can be disadvantageous, the truth is that it has more advantages than disadvantages.

Exclusivity advantages:

  1. More responsibility

In case of exclusivity, the real estate company is responsible for the success of the sale and as such it is possible to adapt strategies. If there is no exclusivity and there is more than one agency responsible for your property, in case of failure, there is no possibility to hold the agency responsible or to discuss new performance and improvement of the service provided.

In the event of exclusivity, the real estate company itself feel more committed to achieve the success of the sale, having every interest in investing in your property, improving and adapting its strategy.


  1. More Dedication and Commitment

For example, a property that is in several real estate agencies, makes the dedication and commitment to sell of each one of them low, because there is a big risk of the property being sold by one of the real estate agents that may not even be the one that has dedicated the most, with injustice in this process.

Therefore, it is normal that the real estate agents will be much more proactive knowing that, in the event of a sale, there will certainly be a benefit for the real estate in question, leading to a greater desire to close the deal. While, outside the exclusivity regime, there is not the same motivation because any effort can end up without reward.


  1. More investment in promotion

This point touches on the previous one, if the property is not exclusive, if it is being sold by several real estate agents, it is not certain who will end up getting the benefit of the sale, so it is no longer advantageous for the real estate companies themselves to invest in the promotion and advertising of the property when it may end up being sold by another real estate agency.

A real estate agent is committed to invest in your property if expect  a return.



  1. Single interlocutor and Proximity in the process

If you have the property in several real estate agencies you will notice that it becomes confusing and difficult to deal with situations of updating or changing some information as you will often have to waste time contacting the agencies all individually to make any changes.

Having an exclusivity regime, it is much easier to manage these situations because the seller is very close to the sale process, with access to all information about it. It is much easier, not only to set a relationship with the real estate agent, but also to have all the feedback from the visits and the effort that is being made for marketing.


  1. Real estate Sharing

If you have your property on a non-exclusive contract, the real estate agents do not invest heavily in the sale of the property for all the reasons already mentioned.

The opposite occurs if the property is exclusive, in which the investment is not only greater but the real estate agent will contact partner real estate agents to look for a client for the property. Thus, you will not have your property repeated in several real estate agencies, but you will have the benefit of several real estate companies allied to the sale of the property.


  1. Better image on the market

If you have your property for sale at many agencies it may seem beneficial because it may have the false feeling that it will have greater reach. However, that doesn’t happen, on the one hand, because the ads end up being published by different agencies but on the same sites, repeating the same ad several times. On the other hand, as already mentioned, the investment in advertising is much less, so that the real estate agents, having no exclusivity of the property, are not concerned with updating and highlighting the advertising of the property.

In addition to that, a property published several times on the same site, only by different agencies, ends up raising questions of uncertainty in potential buyers. They end up wondering if the property has any problems, why the information differs between ads, why the price differs between ads, why it is in so many agencies.

Having an exclusivity regime, your ad will be advertised on all sites and will have much greater prominence since the real estate company will invest, without fear, in advertising it.


  1. Faster process completion

With all this, of course, that the whole process turns out to be faster if the property is exclusive than if it is not, because in an exclusive situation many more resources and efforts are invested in completing the sale process.


Quality is better than quantity. So bet on exclusivity for your property!

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