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Reasons to sell with a real estate agent

Posted by Imobiliária Santo António on 11 de December, 2020

The role of the real estate agent is not just to attract customers and organize visits to the property. Selling a property also involves many bureaucratic and legal issues and you need to be prepared for that.

Having a real estate agent to help you sell your property allows several advantages:

Firstly, it allows you to have a complete evaluation of the property, ensuring that the price is correct taking into account the property itself and the prices practiced in the market.

The real estate agent will do a market study and valuation of properties similar to yours to arrive at a fair and realistic value for you and a future buyer

Second, the promotion of the property, when next to a real estate company, is done in a very rigorous way, with a complete and professional description focusing on the target audience you want to reach. The promotion is made on several websites, including the real estate website and on some that require payment for publication of the property. This allows for better and greater visibility as real estate agents have premium accounts that allow them to be more prominent on these platforms. A good promotion is halfway to achieving the goal.

Third, the property will be presented and detailed to potential buyers, clarifying all doubts and persuading the interested party to purchase the property in the best and most honest way. With this to be dealt with by the real estate agent, the seller will not have to spend time on the phone or in meetings with those interested in the property, the real estate agent takes care of the matter.

Fourth, the real estate agent, when scheduling visits to the property, already knowing the tastes of the possible buyer, manages to suggest and prepare the seller so that there is a favorable environment for sale.

Fifth, as initially mentioned, there are very bureaucratic issues that for those not in the business can be very difficult to resolve. In bureaucratic terms, real estate helps to obtain and gather all documentation and address very important legal issues.

Sixth and last, the real estate agent can negotiate the price with greater ease since the real estate consultant has more experience in negotiation and achieves a more objective, rational negotiation and with well-supported arguments.

Thus, selling with a real estate agent always becomes much more comfortable and safer for the seller and also much more desirable for the buyer.

Bet on a specialist so that your sale is as smooth and rewarding as possible.

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